Why Should Have Travel Agent ??

Travel Agent : A travel agency is a private retailer or public services that provide travel & tourism related services to the public on behalf of supplier such as activities ,airlines.
The Main Reasons To Use Travel Agent : Experience : Travel agent know the market & if, they listened to what you want will be able to match you with a better product than you can find on the internet.
Resources : Travel agent have access to a variety of tools that the average consumer is not be able to use or does not know about. They can sometimes get you a better seat on airplane ,hotels ,room upgrades ,event, tickets & plan activities for you .
Convenience : Your time is valuable & you shouldn’t have to spend it searching for the right vacations. A travel agent that can do for you.
Relationships: As you develop a relationship with your travel agent ,they are able to target the right trips for you without even having a conversation .
Save Money : Often, travel agent can save your money based on their supplier relationship or at least match the price you find while saving your time & effort.
Better Destinations: Travel agents have inside information on the best time to go to crowded destination & they sometimes even know what the new it destinations are going to be before the masses.

Advocate : If something goes wrong on your trip ,a good travel agent will go to bat for you no matter who is t fault.

Added Value : There are lot of value adds that consumer don’t even know about the value can be added by a travel agent .

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